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The Pelican Players Quarterly

 February 23, 2021


Pelican Players Members:


We are already nearing the end of February.  Several Board members have had their second vaccination.  It is our hope that many of you are in the same position.  We also hope that all of our lives return to some sense of normalcy SOON.  Wouldn’t it be nice to be rehearsing for a CABARET SINGERS show, or a main stage production or mystery theatre?  We truly hope that will happen this year.  We will keep you informed.


We had a very good response to voting during our virtual annual meeting vote for new Board members.  Ruth Lake and Kevin Steinke were elected to the Board.  We want to thank Donna Fiore for running.  We will have one more Board opening at our annual meeting next February.  Our hope is that by that time we will be back to an in-person event rather than virtual. I don’t think we’ll ever take that type of thing for granted again.


The Pelican Players Board consists of:

Rick Swenson - President

James Williams - Vice-President

Joy Dunn - Secretary

Kevin Steinke - Treasurer

At-large members:

MaryAnne Moseley

Barbara Boyle

Ruth Lake


We want to thank the two retiring Board members for their years of hard work for our group.

WENDY SMITH ended her two full terms plus extra years completing a previous Board members term.  The majority of Wendy’s tenure was as Treasurer for our group. 

CHUCK FOELL ended his first full term, plus he finished a previous member's term.  Chuck served as Board President during this past year.  Chuck decided to not run again for a second full term.

Both Wendy’s and Chuck’s involvement with the PP have been invaluable both on and off the Board.  We know they will continue being involved with PP even though they are no longer on our Board.




To update you on our WSCQ-Sun Radio shows.  We broadcast shortly after 7:00 PM the last Friday of each month.  Presently production of these shows has been suspended due to Covid-19 concerns.  We receive calls and emails asking when we are going to start back up.  We believe the answer is SOON!  We hope!  Beginning this Friday, 02/26, WSCQ-Sun Radio will start re-running previously performed and recorded shows, starting with ARSENIC AND OLD LACE.


We do need your help.  We want to have several Sound Teams.  If you have experience with Sound Boards and/or sound effects, or you would like to learn, WE NEED YOU.


In addition, we need volunteers for helping with make-up for our main stage shows.


If you can help with either of these, please let us know.


We have a lot on the drawing board for as soon as things open back up and it’s safe for us to get together and do what we love...BE CREATIVE!  We will keep you informed and look forward to seeing you again SOON!


Thanks for your membership in Pelican Players.


The Board members of the Pelican Players