Readers Theater

When Readers Theater was restarted a few years ago, its purpose was to provide you, our public, access to FREE entertainment over the summer.  We used to perform in the Banquet Room in the Kings Point North Clubhouse. 

We typically had audience size of about 40 people.  Did I mention the event is FREE?Cabaret seating was available and we encouraged you to bring your own beverages and snacks.

One day, there was a Friday event scheduled for the Banquet Room and the owners of the event wanted to set up Thursday night.  We were asked if we wouldn't mind using the Theater instead.  That night we did "War of the Worlds" by HG Wells.  We had almost 100 people.  We have not been back to perform in the Banquet Room since!

What was the magic of that night?  Of the 19 sound effects used in the presentation, 13 (at least) came from the actual radio show making it a little more "real" to the listener.  Since then, We have tried to use actual sound clips from the original broadcast whenever possible.  That is why it sometimes sounds like an old-time-radio show.

The other reason why it took so well is becaused we used a cast of  experienced  Pelican Players and "newbies"; people trying this for the first time.  Since then, we have always tried to use a mix of experienced people and "newbies."

This has brought several us people who are now mainstage performers.

So, if you see a RT (Readers Theater) casting call and you are a "newbie" please try out for the parts offered.  You may not get it the first or second time around but you will eventually.

RT is also a breeding ground for "newbie" directors as well.

Thanks for your support,

Ken Winter